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Gah. I'm sorry this took so long. And I honestly think this chapter is total and complete shite. It didn't go where I wanted it to and...I'm not altogether sure exactly where it went. Well, my bloody muse ran off with me again and this is what happens when I let her out of her cage....

Chapter Three )
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Whee! I finally got this done!!! I am so happy! My muse finally let me finish it! -huggles the muse-

Starting Over, Chapter 2
Summary: Spike and Angel come back from Italy and realize moving on wasn’t necessarily what they should do.
Spoilers: very little S5, Ep. 20 & 21: The Girl In Question and Power Play
Pairing: Spangel all the way.
Rating: NC-17 (eventually); this part: PG-15 (just in case)
Part 2/?
Feedback: I will be your slave. Forever.
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss. Wanker switched lives with me. Damn contracts with Wolfram & Hart.

Chapter 2 )

New fic.

Jan. 29th, 2006 10:42 am
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Okay, so, here it is. I’ve been talking about finishing one of my fics for a long time. Well, this is close. I have the first done, but I’m not too sure where it’s gonna go from here. I have a general idea, but my muse ran off when I got sick just after I finished this chapter. I dunno how this is going to work out, I just hope it does. *Squirm* I don’t wanna delay any longer or else I won’t post this. *Pushes the update journal button then runs off to hide*

StartingOver )
Be merciful...*Whimper*


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