Jul. 12th, 2006 02:00 am
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Title: Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Pairing: Draco/Ash (Original character)
Author: Catheryne
Rating: PG-13 (at worst)
Warnings: Slash m/m, innuendo
Dedication: For my wonderful Tess.
Feedback: I'm a feedback whore. Help me with my addiction.
Disclaimer: All characters and places sited herein are owned by the lucky J.K. Rowling and I own nothing but my character Ash and this little ficlet.
A/N: This is my story for a friend of mine that I was introduced to under less than normal circumstances and took quite a shine to. Ash is my own character and don't worry, he's not a Sue. The fandom is Harry Potter, so if y'all don' wanna read that, then I shall be getting out part four in my "Raining-verse" soon. For the rest of you, follow the cut and read the story.

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing )
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Yipe! I was watching TV with Rick, watching some random celebrity thing when this way creepy thing came on about natural male inhancement. I repeat, yipe! *Hides behind something* Besides that creepy little thing there, I'm a bloody ditz. I was looking back over some of my previous entries because I'm bored and saw that on December 21st I said I had homework. I'm like, "Wait, I have homework?!" I looked in my backpack and remembered that I had English questions so I went to get out my book. Newsflash for the redhead, my book was in my locker at school and will remain there until January 3rd of 2006. *head desk* Oi....I decided to read some fics to make myself feel better and did so, then I saw a friend of mines, [ profile] shinodabear's, journal and saw a long entry with a link and I'm like...Hey, I don't know how to make my entry uber small on the journal page but a link to the bigger entry. I thought about it a second and then I'm like, ah hell, I'll wing it. Now, I'm off to find some Harry Potter fics and hey, I have an announcement! I sleep with Harry Potter in my bed every night. *shocked gasp*


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